Flying JB Logo NEWI’m a voice-over artist/actor with a lifetime of experience in all areas of the creative process; performing, producing, and writing. Early on, I was accepted into Mel Blanc’s Audio Media in Los Angeles and attended his intense workshops for actors and voice-over artists. The workshops were lead by  Noel Blanc, David Drury, Peter Leeds (the national AFTRA President and working actor at the time) and other accomplished coaches, voice over artists and actors.

Since then, I’ve been reading what others write, and writing what others want read. Occasionally  I read what I’ve written. My work has earned some recognition including two CLIOs, several CLIO Finalists, an International Broadcasting (Spike) Award from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society, and a short two year stint with Atlantic Records as part of the Seattle Alternative Spoken Word groups 2NU and 2NU2 (there’s more, newer music stuff under “Music” in the menu), now where was I? Oh, yes…

In 2005 I moved my studio to Las Vegas from Seattle, and so far I have not been asked to leave.