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Radio & Television Voice-overs (Partial List)
AT & T, America’s Test Kitchen, Kodak, Ace Hardware, Burger King, Procter and Gamble, SAAB, State Farm Insurance, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy’s, Carnation Chocolate Drinks, Adams Peanut Butter, Danish Orchards Fruit Spreads, US West, Mother’s Cookies, Blockbuster Video, PBS (National), ESPN Sports, Widmer Brothers Brewing, The Sporting News, Air BC, RE/MAX Real Estate, Wisconsin Beef Council,  Argosy Tours, Windermere Real Estate, Shell’s Martinair Holland, Roush Performance Racing, Coastal Farms, Industrial Supply,  Cellular One, Southwest Bell, Rainier Beer, Washington Tourism, The Bon Marche/Macy’s, Azteca Restaurants, Tim’s Potato Chips, Sun River Resorts, The Department of Ecology, Stairmaster, Car Toys, Graham Kerr’s Kitchen, Big R,  Sierra Online, MCA Concerts, Dockers, Sprint, QFC, Outside Magazine, Utah Mountain Fuel, Renault Le Car, Pointe Hilton resorts, Reno Air, Montana Transit, Embassy Suites, Marshalls Hawaii, Washington Physicians.

Documentaries and Extended Voice-overs (Partial List)
“Escapes From Alcatraz” The Discovery Channel
“John Coulter” Outside Magazine,
“Lewis & Clark” Outside Magazine
“Buffalo Bill” Wm. F. Cody Museum
“Two Minutes of Terror” The Discovery Channel
“ARCO Alaska” Bradley/Reed Alaska
“The Program” West Peak Media
“The Heatwurx Process” Freestyle Marketing
“Power Up” Utah Power
“Windows 95″ Center for Multimedia
“E-Media Guitar Method” E-Media

Video Games, Interactive CD’s, and Music Albums (Partial List)
“Forza Motorsport_Horizon” Playground Games/Turn 10 Studios
“Professor Layton” Nintendo
“Star Fox 64″ Nintendo
“My Personal Tutor” Microsoft
“Microsoft Golf” Microsoft
“Encarta Encyclopedia” Microsoft
“Hoyle Card Games” Sierra Online
“Hoyle Board Games” Sierra Online
“Casino” Sierra Online
“Hoyle Kids Games” Sierra Online
“Midtown Madness X Box/Microsoft
“Scene It DVD Games” Disney Corp
“Contract J.A.C.K.” Sierra Entertainment
“Spy Fox” Humongous Ent.
“Freddy Fish” Humongous Ent.
“Rage of Mages” Humongous Ent.
“This Is Ponderous” Atlantic Records
“” NU Music
“Alien vs. Predator” Fox Interactive
“No One Lives Forever” Fox Interactive
“Rise of Nations” Microsoft
“Combat Flight Simulator” Microsoft
“F.E.A.R.” Monolith