Ostrich Jockey GREY 3


Some people might say that what I’m about to tell you was made up or taken from some silly song I may have written to pass the time. I’ll let you be the judge. I only ask that when you’ve finished hearing it, you keep any secrets I may have inadvertently revealed in a safe place, tucked away and out of the reach of a snoopy house guest that may be nosing around your “sock” drawer when you’ve gone to a Starbucks for their morning “courtesy coffee”. I’m not saying that they would actually do that of course, but… I’m just sayin’… So, here’s some of what I remember after waking from that terrible golfing accident in the mountains of Tibet near Lake Namtso, that took away a good portion of my childhood memories. The rest I discovered from letters left in an old Buster Brown shoebox that I found in the attic of the old house I was born in. Please, don’t be judgmental.