2nu Grey “It All Started With A Commercial in 1989…” When I was Production Director at KPLZ/KVI radio in Seattle in the late ’80’s, I also worked with an outside agency that wanted creative that bordered on the “unusual”. One of those concepts came from a pretty weird dream I had. As weird as it was, it became a Hot Tub commercial,  which sparked an interest in doing a longer song-length version, which became “This Is Ponderous” and that gave birth to the Alternative Music group 2NU. Our product was a combination of spoken stories wrapped in vocals and music by various Seattle artists and musicians. Ponderous was an instant hit on KPLZ and became the number one requested song on the station for many weeks. The Gavin Report started reporting it weekly to stations around the country and Atlantic Records became interested. Soon after, other stations around the country and from other parts of the world as far away as Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Austria, Germany (and pretty much anywhere that enjoyed the unusual) began adding it to their playlists. 2NU recorded one album and several singles for Atlantic records, and two more independent albums with NU Music as 2NU2; Command Z and 2NU2.com.  All the albums and singles are still selling on iTunes, CD Baby and many other music sites and can still be heard occasionally on radio. Since then I’ve kept writing and producing as another creative outlet. These are a few of my favorites from Raging Skies. I’ve also included Teddy Said, an homage to Teddy Roosevelt with a portion of one of his famous campaign speeches that expressed his confidence in the human spirit. Then Again, was my favorite piece from the old 2NU2.com album.


Difficult Daze

Who R We

When I was Yung

The Magnificent Tree

How Ironic

Willies Lament

Teddy Said (Roosevelt’s Man In The Arena)

The Man In The Booth

Then Again ( For My Valentine)